Tasmanian Bakeries

We started with the best ingredients.

For three generations, our family business has been taking the best local ingredients and creating pies and pastries enjoyed across Tasmania.

Founded by a local butcher with a taste for the finer things, we’ve stayed true to our roots, using Tassie beef and free-range chicken with no compromise on quality.

Our Story

For more than 70 years we’ve been using fine Tasmanian produce to create great-tasting products, baked fresh, every single day.

Our founder Alfred Gough made his first pies for the gentry of Hobart back in 1942.

Three generations later, our family business is continuing the tradition.


The chain of people we speak to are all of a similar calibre - the customer service is strong, they do listen, they do ask for thoughts and feedback.

Grocer, Tasmania

What we believe

People who live on our island are straight-talking, no-nonsense kind of people.

We like to do things properly – we don’t take short cuts, because we know that creating quality takes patience and time.

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...and here's what we make

National Pies: Pies made proper

It is a classic pie that warms you through and through with comforting familiar flavours. This is why it has been Tasmania’s favourite pie for over 70 years.

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Alfred Gough: Adventure is our craft

Its a pie without shortcuts, handmade fresh every day in our bakery in Hobart, so you can savour the many amazing flavours of our unspoilt land

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