National Pies for Local Heroes

For 80+ years, Australians have been enjoying National Pies – at pie nights, at social clubs, and at footy matches big and small. To say thanks for your support, we’ve launched a new grants program: National Pies for Local Heroes.

Any registered Australian community group, sporting club or not-for-profit organisation can apply. We’ll award a grant of $1,000 each month over the next 12 months, beginning in March 2024. We’ll also award a major grant of $10,000 at the end of the program.

Whether you need new boots for your footy club, art supplies for your painting group, a special trip funded, or something else entirely – tell us how we can help!

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To help us gain an understanding of your community organisation and how we can help support you, please fill out the form below. You’ll only need to enter once to be considered for the ongoing grants and the major $10,000 grant. Good luck!

Local Heroes

Terms & Conditions(Required)

Terms and Conditions for National Pies for Local Heroes grants program

1. Organisers
a. National Pies for Local Heroes Community Grants Program is organised and promoted by Tasmanian Bakeries/National Pies Pty Ltd (ABN 57 009 479 958) with registered offices at 69 – 71 Patrick Street, Hobart, 7000, TAS (“The Organiser”).

2. Eligibility
a. Registered Australian-based community groups and associations, sporting teams and organisations, and not-for-profit entities are eligible to apply.

3. Grants
a. The Organiser will award one grant a month for Twelve (12) successive months, to the value of $1,000 each ($12,000 total) to a Grant Recipient who meets the Eligibility criteria (s. 2a).
b. Additionally, one (1) $10,000 bonus grant will be awarded following the conclusion of the grant period.

4. Timings
a. Applications for both the $1000 monthly grants and the $10,000 grant open at 12:00am on 23 January, 2024. The first round of monthly grants closes 11:59pm on 29 February, 2024.
b. Applications for subsequent rounds of monthly grants will close at 11.59pm on the last day of each corresponding month. All applications that have been received up to this time will be considered for both the monthly $1,000 grant with the exception of groups and organisations who have already been awarded a $1,000 grant.
c. The $10,000 grant will be selected from all grant applications received from 12:00am on 23 January through to 11:59 on 31 January 2025.
d. The program, closes at 11:59pm on 31 January, 2025.
e. The final round of monthly grants and the bonus grant will be decided by 14 February, 2025.
f. The $10,000 grant recipient may or may not have already received a $1,000 grant.

5. Application process
a. Applications must be submitted through the official website submission form provided by The Organiser.
b. The website address for the submission form is
c. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
d. Entries received after 11.59pm on 31 January 2025 will not be considered.

6. Assessment and selection
a. The Organisers will assess the applications submitted.
b. The Organisers may ask its associated business partners, agencies and any external experts engaged by The Organiser to help assess applications.
b. Grant recipients will be selected based on the merits of the applications and not by chance. The selection process for grant recipients will be determined by The Organiser, in its sole discretion and will be chosen based on community contribution and brand alignment.

7. Announcing grant recipients
a. The Organiser will attempt to contact the successful grant recipient for the first round by 14 March, 2024.
b. The Organiser will attempt to contact subsequent monthly grant recipients within two weeks of each round closing.
c. The Organiser will attempt to contact the $10,000 grant recipient by 14 February 2025.
c. Grant recipients will be announced via The Organiser’s social media channels.

8. Awarding of grants
a. All entries, including monthly recipients, will remain eligible for the $10,000 grant.
b. The Organiser reserves the right to choose the recipients of all grant amounts at their sole discretion.
c. All decisions made by the Organisers with respect to the Local Heroes Community Grants Program promotion, including all matters pertaining to the grants will be final.

9. Grant usage
a. Grant funds must be used for the stated purpose in the application, or as otherwise provided by the Organiser.
b. The Organiser may request updates and evidence of the appropriate usage of grant funds.

10. Reporting requirements
a. Grant recipients may be required to submit reports to the Organiser, including but not limited to the allocation, management and achievement/impact of outcomes resulting from Grant funds.
b. Reporting, where requested, is to take place within the timeframe specified by the Organiser.

11. Publicity
a. The organisers reserve the right to publicise the grant recipients and their projects through various media and social media channels.
b. The recipients agree to the use of the organisations’ name and associated images in any marketing and publicity material.

12. Compliance
a. Grant recipients must comply with all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.
b. The Organiser may revoke or recall a grant if the recipient is found to be in violation of the terms and conditions.
c. If a grant is recalled, the grant recipient agree to return the full grant sum paid to them by The Organisers within seven (7) calendar days.
c. At all times in the future, a Grant Recipient must comply with any lawful request of the Organiser to ensure the governance and compliance of the Grants Program.

13. Application status
a. Once an application is submitted, it remains under consideration until the conclusion of the 12-month period for both $1,000 grants and the $10,000 grant.
b. The Organiser may request additional information or updates during the review period or the 12 months following.

14. Confirmation and payment process
a. Grant recipients will be contacted by email and or telephone to confirm their entity.
b. Once the entity confirmation has been received, The Organiser will request bank account details for payment. This will need to be received on the recipient’s letterhead or from their official email address.
c. Payment will be made within 14 days of receiving the necessary bank account details.

15. Modification and cancellation
a. The Organiser reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend the Grants Program promotion and these terms and conditions without notice, for any reason.
b. The Organiser will endeavour to provide reasonable notice of any suspension, cancellation or substantial amendment to the promotion on its website.

16. Tax
a. The Organiser is not liable for any tax implications or events that may result from the provision of the grant, or any associated expenditure by the Grant Recipient.
b. The Grant Recipient agrees to take full responsibility for any tax-related liabilities.

17. Legal Jurisdiction
a. These terms and conditions are governed by Australian law.
b. Any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Tasmania.
c. By submitting an application, the Applicant accepts and agrees to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

18. Data Protection
a. Any personal data collected relating to the recipient, or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with facilitating the grants program, in line with current data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to an unrelated third party without the entrant’s prior consent.

19. Contact
For any enquiries related to the grants program, please contact The Organiser at: