From The beginning

For three generations, our family business has been crafting authentic, nourishing bakery goods in Hobart Tasmania. Our story begins with Alfred Gough, a young apprentice from a downtown Hobart butcher shop located near the iconic National Theatre. Not one to pass on an opportunity, in 1942 Alfred struck a deal with the bakery next door to use their woodfired bread oven in the afternoons. Passing his pies through a gap in the brickwork, Alfred’s handcrafted pastries soon became famous amongst the locals and theatre growing crowd alike. At this time Alfred’s creations affectionately became known as ‘National Pies’ a name we have carried through to this day.

A Tasmanian Classic

In the years the followed, the popularity of National Pies grew as an expanding range of goods became widely available in almost every Tasmanian corner store, school canteen, sporting club and service station.

Tasmanian Bakeries is born

For many years we made a wide variety of classic bakery products such as cookies, muffins and tarts under the Tasmanian Bakeries name. Recently we have decided to solely focus on what it is that we are best at, baking proper pies for all to enjoy.

Where can I get your pies?

This soon became a reoccurring line in the many phone calls, letters and emails we would receive from all around mainland Australia. In response to this overwhelming demand in the 2000’s National Pies products began to be shipped around the country as Tasmanian Bakeries partnered with a number of foodservice and retail providers, finally making National Pies a national product!

Family owned since 1942

For close to 80 years and counting our bakery has been a family business. In the 1960’s Alfred Gough passed down the bakery to his son David, in the late 1980s the torch was passed to David’s son Rob who continues to run the bakery today.

At our bakery, family is important to us, it’s at the centre of everything we do. We have kept our family values and local traditions alive for three generations and have the same commitment to crafting quality Tasmanian products as we did when crafting the first National Pie for the National Theatre going crowd (pictured) all those years ago in 1942.